How does Sqoop Work?

Sqoop is used by business, legal, investigative and other reporters to find news. In fact, more than half of the business-related journalists in the U.S. use Sqoop, and 80 percent of them use the platform every week. Sqoop is second only to Twitter in terms of journalist engagement.

Why? Sqoop helps them find business news buried in public records. These same business reporters also want to get news directly from the businesses and the sectors they care about. But without the PR Spam.

Sqoop takes the opposite approach to reporters that much of the PR industry does: instead of indiscriminately spamming reporters with little regard for relevance, Sqoop serves the news discovery needs of the journalists first. Just like it already does with public records, Sqoop can match your news with the reporters who are most likely to care, and the ones who are most likely to engage with it.


And we do so in a way that is respectful of the journalists and their privacy. We view journalists as the customer in this process, not a wall against which to throw spaghetti to see what sticks.

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News Maker helped HealthSlate engage journalists interested in their company, which directly resulted in earned press coverage.

In public relations, less is more. We find the right reporters for your news, and we give it to them in the Sqoop experience they have become accustomed to. The results speak for themselves. Reporters have thanked us for this company-submitted news. That’s how it should be.

Does this guarantee news coverage for you? Absolutely not. That’s the value of earned media. It’s credible. But the chances of your news getting seen is much higher with Sqoop than other platforms that perpetuate the mass spamming reporters despise more than anything.

Use the platform that is already trusted by more than half the business-related journalists in the U.S.

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Sqoop is trusted by journalists working in some of the top publications in the world.
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