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Sqoop is used by journalists in nearly every newsroom in America to find news tips. Because we deliver curated content based on each journalist’s individual interests, we’ve become a required tool for journalists—second only to Twitter in terms of engagement.

News Maker puts your story in the hands of these journalists. We match your company’s news with the reporters who are most likely to care and engage with your content. If they like what they see, they’ll pick up your story and you’ll see coverage for your company.

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As your story is delivered and viewed, we report back to you with data on your progress. Our process generates organic, credible results.

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Sqoop has helped HealthSlate get press for a fraction of the cost of traditional PR services.

Dan Sheeran CEO HealthSlate

Sqoop provides you with immediate connectivity to the most influential journalists in the country– the same people who can make or break public perception about your business. Sqoop is a must-have media relations channel.

Chris Barker Connected Car Tech Consultant Former 20-year PR Executive

Sqoop has been a great new channel for us to build awareness for our startup among a set of highly engaged journalists.

Rishi Mathew Founder and CEO Keepe

Sqoop is used in nearly every newsroom in the U.S.

Sqoop has become an essential newsroom tool in a very short time. Reporters who use Sqoop represent:

  • Every major national daily including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Financial Times.
  • Influential financial and business publications including Investor’s Business Daily, Barron’s, Fortune, Forbes and International Business Times.
  • Every major broadcast network including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and ESPN.
  • Major daily newspapers in the top 20 DMAs including the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Washington Post, Texas Tribune, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Oregonian, Arizona Republic, Seattle Times, Detroit News, (Minneapolis) Star Tribune, Orange County Register and many others.
  • Every major wire service including Thomson Reuters and The Associated Press.
  • Business Journals from across the country including Columbus, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Boston, Indianapolis, Charlotte and more than a dozen others.
  • Regional television and radio stations ranging from Green Bay WI, to Wilmington NC, to Knoxville TN, Wichita KS, and many others including NPR and PBS.
  • Influential trade and online publications like Wired, Business Insider, Re/Code, Fast Company, The Street, CNET, Hollywood Reporter, Search Engine Land, Bloomberg/Business Week, Modern Healthcare, Buzzfeed, and Motley Fool.
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